sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013

love is paradise

Amo. Amas. Amat. Amamas. Amatis. Amand. Amave. Amavisti. Amavet. Amavenus. Amavestis. Amaveret. Amavero. Amaveris. Amaverit. Everything was love. Everything will be love. Everything has been love. Everything would be love. Everything would have been love Ahh...that was it. The truth at last. Everything would have been love. The huge eye which would have become an immense fear was gently breathing only without an eye, nor a sphere. But our great wonderful animal, covered in little waving legs like hairs. Waving, oh so gently as if they were underwater. All should be went and all should be well said that ocean. So the place of reconciliation existed after all. Not like a little, not wholly uncovered, but flowing everywhere and being everything. I had only to will it and I would be. For spirit is omnipotent, only I never knew it. And being able to walk on the Earth. I could forgive. I could be forgiven. I could forgive. Perhaps that was the whole of it after all. Perhaps being forgiven is just forgiving and no one had ever told me. There was nothing else needful. Just to forgive. Forgiving equals being forgiven. The secret of the universe. Do not whatever you do forget it. The past was folded out and in the twinkle of an eye and everything had been changed. And made beautiful and good.